Large pot magnet

Large pot magnet

Strong Magnetic Pots are widely used in industrial and living areas, such as workshops, factories, warehouses, offices and so on.

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Product Description

Large pot magnet



Pot Magnet 



Max. working temperature


Max. Operating Temperature


≤ 80°C

35M- 52M

≤ 100°C


≤ 120°C


≤ 150°C


≤ 180°C


≤ 200°C


≤ 230°C


Arc,Block ,Tile,Segment,Ring,Disc,etc


Any size


Ni, Zn, Ni-Cu-Ni, Epoxy, Gold, Silver, phosphate, passivation

Penetration rate of NdFeB magnets in variable frequency drive air compressor industry in 2008-2016 years

Under the background of "energy saving and environmental protection", the energy efficiency standard of air-conditioning is continuously upgraded. As the core component of the air conditioner, compressor plays a decisive role in the performance of the air conditioner. Therefore, the technical progress is hard and fast, and the new material with high quality can achieve twice the result with half the effort. With its excellent performance, NdFeB magnet has become important components in the variable-speed drive (VSD) air compressor industry, and has become an absolutely dominant product in determining the performance of variable frequency compressor.


Before 2008, only a small amount of NdFeB material was used in the inverter compressor industry in china. With the requirements and development of energy saving and environmental protection in the international refrigeration industry, the scale of inverter air conditioner market is expanding rapidly. Meanwhile, the application and development of rare earth permanent magnet in the inverter compressor has ushered in an opportunity. Rare earth material is superior in performance and price advantage, so it is widely used in air conditioner variable frequency compressor. Its application not only improved the energy efficiency of the inverter compressor, but also made it more environmentally friendly, which laid the indispensable position of NdFeB in variable frequency compressor.

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