Strong magnetic pots

Strong magnetic pots

Large pot magnet that is very strong for mounting and holding

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Product Description

Strong Magnetic Pots



Pot Magnet 



Max. working temperature


Max. Operating Temperature


≤ 80°C

35M- 52M

≤ 100°C


≤ 120°C


≤ 150°C


≤ 180°C


≤ 200°C


≤ 230°C


Arc,Block ,Tile,Segment,Ring,Disc,etc


Any size


Ni, Zn, Ni-Cu-Ni, Epoxy, Gold, Silver, phosphate, passivation


NdFeB magnetic material consumption rose sharply in addition to its own performance. Therefore, the second half of 2016, air-conditioning of raw materials such as aluminum copper and steel prices continue to rise, but also brings new opportunities for ndfeb. The main reason is that the use of NdFeB material compressor is small, thereby reducing the use of other materials, in the general rise in bulk materials under pressure, the use of NdFeB material obvious advantages.

In addition, in 2016, the national chamber air conditioning energy efficiency standards meeting, has been determined to inverter air conditioning and fixed frequency air-conditioning energy efficiency standards, and unified use of APF evaluation criteria. It is expected that the standard version will be finalized by the end of 2017. It is expected to be promulgated and implemented in 2018. It is understood that after the merger of energy efficiency, fixed frequency 1 reluctantly reached the 5 level after the merger, in the energy saving technology without a big breakthrough premise, fixed frequency air conditioning will be faced with the embarrassment of being eliminated. And with the improvement of energy efficiency standards, the competitive advantages of high efficiency variable frequency air conditioner are more obvious, then, the use of NdFeB compressor will also increase dramatically. The way to replace ferrite with NdFeB is also promising.


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