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The Father of Magnets - William Gibber

The Father of Magnets - William Gibber

    My research achievements have brought great inspiration to Kepler and Galileo.
This is me!
    Date of birth: 1544
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Passed away: 1603
    Achievement: The earliest friend of the earth is a huge magnet.
    My life: My specialty was originally medicine and it was the Queen Elizabeth I physician. Later, after studying chemistry and physics, he fell in love with electricity. I was the earliest person who discovered the magnetic properties of Earthballs and also proposed the theory of magnetic phenomena.
William Gibb's "On Magnetics"
      In 1600, William. Gibber and Aaron Dorian introduced a total of six days of the book "On Magnetics," a scientific work based on experience and observation. The content of the book includes that the earth is a magnetic, electrical, and magnetic. Different, "Telora" model experiments, the relationship between the planet and the earth's movement and magnetic.


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