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Magnetic fluid - another form of magnet

It is a kind of solid particle that is composed of magnetic particles whose particle size is nanometer size (several to several tens of nanometers). It can be uniformly dispersed and suspended in carrier liquid (base fluid plus surfactant) with the help of surfactant. Two-phase colloidal mixture, this material will not produce solid-liquid separation even under the action of gravity, centrifugal force and electromagnetic force. It is a typical nanocomposite material. As shown in Figure 12-1 and Figure 12-2. Gpu strong magnet manufacturers_Dongguan magnet manufacturers

Gpu strong magnet manufacturers_Dongguan magnet manufacturers
  As early as 200 years ago, people had realized the potential of magnetic liquids and tried to produce a stable ferromagnetic suspension, but it was not solved by NASA until the early 1960s. NSNA used a liquid The stable surfactant is prepared by a ball mill method. The colloid is mixed with the fuel and controlled by the permanent magnet to overcome the problem that the fuel cannot work normally in the state of weightlessness. In 1960, the United States succeeded in using magnetic liquids as sealing materials for spacesuits. In the case of magnetic fluids, it is a product that is completely developed to meet actual needs, particularly the needs of the aerospace industry, and has gradually expanded into military and civilian applications. Not only the United States, the former Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Germany and other developed countries have paid great attention. Many famous big companies have also invested a lot of manpower and material resources for research. Develop and produce magnetic liquids and apply them to aerospace, electronics, telemetry, remote control, machinery, energy, chemical, metallurgy, instrumentation, environmental protection, printing, medical, and sanitation, and become reliable materials for solving complex process problems. At present, foreign magnetic fluid and magnetic fluid devices have been widely used in vacuum equipment, plasma chemical processing equipment, laser systems, damping systems, mineral processing equipment. It is estimated that the production value of magnetic fluid in Japan in 2000 was nearly 20 billion yen. Gpu strong magnet manufacturers_Dongguan magnet manufacturers

  At the same time as research and development, scientific and technological exchanges and collaborations between countries have also increased. In 1977, the first international conference on magnetic fluids was held in Italy. Since then, international conferences have been held every three years in the world and nine have been held so far. Session.