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Magnet storage

   What are some good ways to keep magnets for a long time?
   The first "method is to place the two magnets opposite each other at ordinary times. When opposite poles are opposite, two magnets can maintain the magnet properties for a long time.
   If the magnet is placed against the pole, it will quickly lose its magnetism.
   The second method is to attach iron material to both ends of the magnet. In this way, the small magnet inside the magnet will continue to point in the same direction, so that the magnetic is maintained for a longer period of time.
   The third method is to place the magnet in a cold place like a refrigerator. Because magnets are most afraid of heat, they lose their magnetic properties in the event of a hot magnet.
Elimination of Magnet Magnetism
   The above is the method of maintaining the magnetism of the magnet. Let's take a look at the method of magnetism elimination.
   The first method is to use magnets to weaken the magnetic properties of the magnets. That is to say, the magnets are heated and the magnetism disappears quickly.
   The second method is to use a magnet that is weakened by the impact magnetic properties. That is, if you use a small hammer to gently hit the magnet, the magnetic properties will weaken.

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