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Magnet penetration

You can use a magnet to attach the convenience sticker to the door of the refrigerator. Paper can't block the magnetic force. If the magnetic force of the magnet is strong enough, it can easily penetrate the middle object. This feature helps us move them without touching the object's coin.
Hold a racing match
    1: Draw the race track on a large cardboard, then paint the track with your favorite color and mark the start and finish lines on the track.
    2: Draw a pattern of two cars on thin paper. After applying beautiful colors, cut them off. Secure a small piece of magnet with each tape underneath each car.
    3: Next, take a small paper tube with a small size of 0.6. Fixing the four paper tubes on the four corners below the cardboard that just painted the track is like putting four legs on the cardboard so that it can stand up.
    4: Find two slender wooden sticks, and fix a magnet on each stick.
    5: You can move the stick to the bottom of the track board and move your car by moving the stick. Call a good friend to start the exciting car! Try not to let the two cars hit together (⊙o⊙)!
Why is this so?
    The magnets attached to the car and the magnets on the pins attract each other. Although the track board will weaken the magnetic force, the magnet's magnetic force can still penetrate the track.
More ideas
    Try moving the iron clips in the cup in the water without touching the water. You can move a glass outside the glass with a magnet and you will notice that the paper clip will move with the magnet.
More ideas
    Let us use a cork to make a boat. First of all: nail a pushpin at one end of the cork and insert the beautiful sail on the cork. Then, put this beautiful Champagne boat in a basin filled with water. Next, we take a magnet and slowly approach the boat. Look carefully if the boat is moving!