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Curie temperature of neodymium iron boron magnets and other magnets

The critical temperature at which the neodymium-iron-boron magnet and other magnets are converted to paramagnetism is called the Curie temperature or the Curie point. T is an important parameter for NdFeB and other magnet magnetic materials. The work of T-high materials The temperature can be increased, which also contributes to the temperature stability of the magnetic material. ‘It’s the temperature of the material M that corresponds to M-0 on the thermomagnetic curve, or the AC susceptibility corresponds to the temperature corresponding to the z-peak on the relationship curve.

According to the molecular field theory, it can be determined that the material N is the number of magnetic atoms per unit volume; gJ is the Lande factor expansion is the angular momentum quantum number of the atom, so that the molecular field coefficient is the Boltzmann constant. The alloy system is ‘related to NJR, where the entry and exchange points are often proportional. R2Fe14B compound. It can be expressed as T, =265x 102[702+0495(gJ _1)2J(J +1)]1o (2-56) The results calculated by this formula are in good agreement with the experimental results.