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Car maintenance has a magic trick - the magical use of magnets

Car maintenance has a magic trick - the magical use of magnets
 When I went to maintenance at 25,000 hours, the master looked at the oil and said that I would change it again for three kilometers. It was not dirty at all! I don't believe it, pick up the oil and drop it on the paper. Oh, the master is right! It is really translucent and dark yellow; the hand rubs it, it doesn't slip; it smells, the smell is normal; it pays with the tongue, not sour and slightly sloppy. I really have to run for another 3,000 kilometers and I don't need to change it!
    Usually, the air filter and the oil filter are added. After the second protection, a small piece of strong magnet is added to the effect!
    Metal particles with large particle size and high hardness are one of the most important scourges for damage to the engine. They are the culprit that scratches the cylinder wall and causes the increase of metal oxides in the oil, which leads to oxidation and acidity and corrosion of the oil. Lime gravel is another important scourge. For lime soil gravel, it can be used for air blown air filtration, and the oil filter and air filter must be changed. For metal particles with large particle size and high hardness, you can use a strong magnet to suck. On the oil filter, one to suck the metal scraps, and the other to magnetize the oil; whether it is good or not, I know it. The magnet can be used as a return magnet in the used hard disk. The magnetic force of the magnet is strong; when the oil filter is changed, the disassembly cannot be removed. The following analysis of the principle:
    1. The machine filter itself is used to collect oil and clean the filter. The oil pan of the oil pan also has a magnet. (Many novices are easy to lose this magnetic core) but the magnetic strength is weak. However, I am running for three thousand kilometers. When the oil is used, it also sees a large amount of metal particles in the upper area. At that time, the idea of using a strong magnet placed on the filter to adsorb metal particles was generated; when the filter was changed, these things were discarded together with the old filter. After thinking, it is considered feasible and safe. The oil draining screw also has a magnet, and inside the machine head, a strong magnet is placed outside the casing of the machine, and the fine iron filings sucked in the machine are also deposited in the machine filter, which is where it should be. When the oil is changed, it is discarded together with the old machine filter. The strong magnet should be selected to have a small volume and a large magnetic field; the return magnet in the used hard disk can be satisfied by the magnetic strength of the magnet. If it is too big, it will be easy to block the filter; it should be within 2cm in diameter. This way to solve.