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The magnet is charged, and the iPhone will shake when there is no power in the future.

     Wireless charging is the future direction, but Apple has not made any revolutionary changes in the iPhone's battery or charging technology, but an Apple patent released by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday shows that the future iPhone may have shaken. Charging (shaketo c_harge) technology. PpE strong magnet manufacturers _ Dongguan magnet manufacturers
     Unlike traditional power generation configurations where copper coils move in a fixed magnet, Apple's new technology uses moving magnets around a board with printed coils to create an electromotive force or voltage that is used to generate electricity through the coil. The key to the entire system is the manufacture of printed coils, which Apple says can be achieved by any technology that prints modern boards. For example, the printed coil can be placed on the substrate by coiling the copper wire or selectively etching the copper wire on the substrate. When the magnet moves through the printed coil, it is like the user shakes the device, or just moves the device in use, and the current is generated. The generated current can be stored in a large capacitor or in a battery connected to the control circuit. Apple said that all mobile device visitors use this power generation system, especially the iPod and iPhone. However, at present, the power demand of these two products is too large, and the electromagnetic induction system is not enough to support, so it may still be necessary to charge the device with a computer or a socket. But as the electronic components of Apple devices become more efficient, perhaps one day the entire system can provide the power needed for the daily use of the device. It's not clear whether Apple will apply this technology to future products, but it seems that Apple may be trying to make truly wireless electronics.