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Temperature setting during the sintering of NdFeB

     The sintering temperature of NdFeB material is lower than the melting point of the basic component, generally set at 75%~80% of the absolute melting point. For example, the rare earth iron-based permanent magnet material (Pr, Nd) 16 Fe77 B7, the melting point of the basic component is 1405''C, the high temperature sintering temperature should be set to: 1405 × 80% = 1124 ° C or 1405 × 75% = 1053 ° C, that is, between 1053 ~ 1124 ° C to find more suitable NdFeB Sintering temperature.

       According to years of experience, two points are particularly important. One is to lower the temperature, the holding time is relatively longer, the temperature is upper limit, and the holding time is shorter. Another point is to pay special attention to the changes in the melting point of the basic component of the alloy block. For example, the metal lanthanum is added (substituting a small amount of N for Fe), and the melting point of yttrium is 2300''C. If Nb-Fe is used. Alloys are treated differently with metal Nb. A qualified process engineer must learn to use a "phase diagram" to design a reasonable NdFeB sintering temperature.