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Wonderful magnetic force

Before the 13th century AD, people always thought that magnets were a kind of magic. Until 1269, a name was Patus. De. After the French of Marikul discovered that the magnet had two poles, the mysterious veil of the magnet was revealed. In 1600, British physicist William. Jerbert discovered the magnetic properties of the Earth.
   Why does the Earth have the characteristics of giant magnets? There are magnetic fields around it? Scientists have shown that the Earth's magnetic field is produced by metal substances that are deeply buried in the earth's surface. When the earth rotates continuously, the molten metal under the surface generates electricity, and these currents create the magnetic field of the earth.
   At present, the world's largest electromagnet is more than four stories high. Its aluminum coil weighs 1100 盹. This giant magnet was built by scientists from Russia and Switzerland. The weight of the metal used to build the magnet exceeds the weight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris!
   do you know? Some animals have "magnets" in their bodies, and these "magnets" can help them guide their directions like a compass. Whales and dolphins use the Earth's magnetic field to determine their position and sail in the sea. Scientists have shown that if a magnet is attached to the back of a pigeon, they will lose their way and get lost in cloudy weather.
   Do you know that the world's heaviest magnet is located at the United Nuclear Research Institute near Moscow, the Russian capital. The magnet is about 60 meters in diameter and weighs 42,000 tons.
   There is an insect in Australia called the compass, termites, and their nests are always built back to the south. Scientists believe that these termites use the earth's magnetic mining to adjust their nest's direction.
   The maglev train with amazing speed makes the train's top speed reach 350 kilometers with the help of magnetic force. Japan's high-speed rail system uses the principle that the electromagnets repel each other, allowing the train to be suspended above the track to reduce friction and increase travel speed.

    A device with a magnetized pointer. Since this pointer is affected by the Earth's magnetic field, it will always point to the south.
    The electric coil is wound around the outside of the core, and this combination generates electromagnetic force when current flows in the coil.
Induced magnetic
    When a permanent magnet is close to some magnetized material, such as iron or steel, it produces magnetism.
Magnetic line of force
     A line indicating the effect of the magnetic force on the magnet.
Natural magnet
    A natural magnet in nature.
magnetic field
    The space around which the magnet can act.
Magnetic material
    A material that can be attracted to a magnet or made into a magnet.
magnetic pole
    The most magnetically strong place on the magnet. Each magnet has a south pole and a north pole.
    The process of turning a magnetic village material into a magnet.
Permanent magnet
    A magnet can permanently retain its magnetic force unless it is smashed or the temperature is too high.