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NdFeB magnet industry has entered the international advanced level

The Beijing Municipal Institute of Nonferrous Metals Research has undertaken a major project of the Ministry of Science and Technology's “Tenth Five-Year Plan” for scientific and technological research. “Non-iron boron fast-thick strip industrialization technology and localization of key equipment” has passed the expert acceptance. The expert group gave a high evaluation of the research results of the subject, and agreed that the preparation technology and domestic equipment formed by the project have reached the international advanced level.

     After more than three years of research, the research team successfully developed the first domestic main equipment with a capacity of 300 kilograms, which realized the intelligent control of furnace temperature, belt speed and belt thickness; broke through the core technology of fast-cooling and thick-band industrialization, and gained independent knowledge. Property rights have broken the technological monopoly of developed countries, and products have been put into the market in batches, forming a new economic growth point.

     The NdFeB fast-cooling thick strip not only improves the performance of the magnet, but also saves the amount of cesium and strontium with less resources, thereby reducing the cost. The successful completion of this project will effectively promote the scientific and technological progress and industrial upgrading of China's NdFeB magnetic materials.