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Rare earth materials---the importance of magnets

As a raw material for high-performance magnets, rare earth raw materials are widely used. Most high-end and energy-saving light-weight products in the 21st century are inseparable from high-performance rare earth materials---magnets. The United States is overly dependent on rare earth raw materials and high-performance magnets in the manufacture of high-end weapons.

Now, the Chinese government is fully supportive of domestic magnet manufacturers to cater to the development of international strategy. The development of high-end industries in the 21st century has become the strategic thinking of all countries in the world, and the demand for scarce resources will also increase. While developing and innovating and vigorously developing local industries, China has used more rigorous means to limit the export of domestic rare resources. We firmly believe that China is not only a magnet producing country, but in the near future China will surely rise to become a true magnet power in the world!