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General knowledge about magnets

When a non-permanent magnet is heated to a certain temperature, it will suddenly lose its magnetic properties. This is because the arrangement of many "meta-magnets" that make up the magnet is caused by order to disorder; the magnet that loses magnetism is placed in the magnetic field when the magnetization is When a certain value is reached, it is magnetized again, and the arrangement of "meta magnets" is from disorder to order.
Multi-directional magnetic ring manufacturers believe that most magnetic materials of magnets can be magnetized to saturation in the same direction. This direction is called "magnetization direction" (orientation direction). A magnet that has no orientation direction (also called an isotropic magnet) is much weaker than an orientation magnet (also called an anisotropic magnet). "Arctic" is defined as the north pole of the earth pointing to the north pole of the earth after the magnet rotates freely. Similarly, the south pole of the magnet also points to the south pole of the earth. How to identify the north pole of the magnet without marking? Obviously it is impossible to distinguish only by the eyes. You can use the compass to stick to the magnet, and the pointer to the north pole of the Earth points to the south pole of the magnet.