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Is there a crisis in the price of NdFeB magnets?

The magnetic force of this "rare earth-free magnet" can compete with the neodymium magnet of the engine and home appliance used in hybrid vehicles. It is expected that the technology will be put into practical use around 2025.


It is reported that this magnet is mainly synthesized from iron and nitrogen substances, and it is not necessary to import rare earth mines such as lanthanum from China with supply risks. This will mean that Japan has successfully synthesized "strong magnetic iron nitride" for the first time in other countries. Strong magnetic iron nitride was favored about 40 years ago, and the research has made great progress due to the possibility of nano-synthesis technology.


The raw materials for the ferromagnetic iron nitride that was successfully developed this time were supplied by Toda Industries (located in Hiroshima Prefecture), which produces magnetic materials, and the synthesis technology was developed by Professor Takahashi Ryo of the Graduate School of Tohoku University. It is reported that the research will be assisted by Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. as an independent administrative agency's new energy industry comprehensive development organization (NEDO), and will jointly improve the high temperature resistance and magnetic durability of ferromagnetic iron nitride.