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a variety of objects using magnets

Automotive speedometer for induction vortex disks
     When the magnet is close to the copper disk, a part of the magnetic lines generated by the two poles of the magnet will pass through the copper disk. If the magnet is rotated, according to the electromagnetic induction, a current that prevents the magnet from rotating will occur on the copper disk, and its effect will cause the copper disk to rotate with the magnet. As the car moves, the wheels of the car rotate, which in turn drives the transmission and the shaft to which it is attached. The shaft is connected to a small magnet in the speedometer, and the small magnet rotates when the shaft rotates. The rotation of the small magnet drives the rotation of the copper disc near it, thereby driving the rotation of the pointer connected to the copper disc. The pointer indicates the current movement speed on the dashboard.
Rubber magnet on the refrigerator door
     The refrigerator can keep the food fresh. When you close the refrigerator door, you will feel a suction. Even when the refrigerator door and the refrigerator body are close, the refrigerator door will automatically close. This is because there is a rubber magnet inside the inner frame of the refrigerator door. When the iron refrigerator door and the rubber magnet meet, the refrigerator door will be tightly combined with the refrigerator body. Therefore, the cold air inside the refrigerator will not leak out, and the outside air will not enter, so that the food can be kept fresh for a long time.
Magnet screwdriver that can hold the screw
     A magnet screwdriver made by applying the properties of a magnet to a screwdriver effectively shortens the working time. Because the end of the screwdriver can hold the screw, you don't have to use your hand to pinch the screw, which saves a lot of trouble. As long as there is a magnet with a large magnetic force and a general screwdriver, a magnet screwdriver can be easily manufactured. When operating, just rub a general screwdriver with a magnetically strong magnet in the same direction for a few times. This is the use of the principle of magnetization. In addition, the "magnetizer" is also manufactured by using a magnet, and a metal object similar to a screwdriver is placed, and then moved, and the object becomes magnetic.