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Powerful Chinese magnet


    reflecting that the US military relies heavily on rare earth resources.

   As a high-performance magnet, rare earth materials have a wide range of applications. Nowadays, the highest-end energy-saving lamps are inseparable from high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials. The high-end weapon of the United States is that his country is a "dream."

     China's current implementation of the rare earth policy is to support the domestic magnet manufacturers in all aspects to meet the international development needs. Magnet precision and micro-magnet processing technology industry magnetic company comparable with Japan, China's domestic industry, after training has become a wonderful work in China and even the world magnet industry.

    Today, with the development of high-end industries in the 21st century, the demand for scarce resources is increasing. China has continuously developed and innovated in the production of rare earth resources and vigorously developed. At the same time, the same industry in the country will use more powerful means to limit the export of rare raw materials in China. We firmly believe that China is not only a big magnet producer, but China will become a real world magnet kingdom.