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Russian old woman became "magnet" after being shocked


Elena's body is like an electromagnet that can absorb many things including metal, plastic, glass and ceramics. This makes her much more difficult to cook food in the kitchen than other housewives, because when she cooks in the kitchen, maybe the fork and spoon will stick to her.

After the electric shock

Elena suffered an electric shock at the age of 45. Elena recalled: "I was the head of the commissary at a factory. One day, I found that someone forgot to turn off the faucet in the factory butcher, causing the water to flow everywhere. There are many wires there. To prevent electric shock, I I closed a faucet a few meters away with a wooden stick, but my feet still accidentally stepped into a leeches on the ground, and suddenly I felt shocked and then lost consciousness. But I was lucky to survive. Later, the doctor told me that 160 volts passed through my body. After the electric shock, I was diagnosed with a third-degree disability, but I found myself possessing the bizarre ability to absorb objects like a magnet."

The body can absorb metal plastic

Since then, Elena has found that her body can absorb any metal objects. In fact, in addition to metal objects, she can also absorb plastic, glass, ceramics and other items onto the chest, abdomen and arms. Elena's body is able to absorb any kind of kitchen utensils, including plastic bowls, kitchen knives, crystal ashtrays, forks and spoons. This makes her much more difficult to cook in the kitchen than other housewives, because when she cooks in the kitchen, maybe which kitchen utensils will suddenly stick to her.

Elena admits that when she sucks the object, she must concentrate. Elena tells the reporter: "When I put these things on myself, I have to spend a lot of energy."

As strong as being glued

In the face of the reporter, Elena put dozens of metal spoons on her chest, abdomen and arms. In addition, she also attached a bowl to the left wrist and adsorbed an iron. It is on the right palm.

Elena said that once these things were attached to her, it was like being glued to her body, and it was difficult for outsiders to pull them off her.

However, once these adsorbates are removed, Elena's body absorbs the skin of the object and feels like ice. Shen Zhizhen


After nuclear leakage

Russian family changed body magnet

In fact, Russia has also had a story about "human magnets". One year after the Chernobyl nuclear spill disaster in 1986, Russian worker Leonid Tankaf and his wife Galina, their Daughter Tanya and her grandson, Colya, found that they suddenly had the ability to attract metal objects to themselves. Leonid's chest can absorb 23 kilograms of objects, and Russian and Japanese doctors have proved that the Tankaf family has a strange "magnetic energy" is true.

Two years ago, the 40-year-old man of the Romanian capital of Bucharest, Orel Relien, became a world celebrity because of his "human magnet" ability. Orel's skin can also absorb metal, wood and porcelain pots. You can even use a chest to pick up a 23-kilogram TV.


Body magnetic field

Is the Earth's magnetic field 1000 times?

Scientists are deeply confused because of the "human magnet" phenomenon, because scientists estimate that if these "human magnets" are based solely on the magnetic force of the body, they will be magnetically 100 to 1000 times the magnetic field of the Earth. about.

However, British scientists have used the compass, magnetometer and other tools to thoroughly test the Romanian "human magnet" Orel, and found that Orel has no magnetic force at all, which means that his strong adhesion and magnetic field. It doesn't matter, but his skin gland can secrete a lot of sticky sebum, so Orel is better known as "sticky fly paper" than it is called "body magnet".