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The method of judging whether the quality of stainless steel is good or bad

Stainless steel used as tableware is mainly divided into two categories:
1. Ferrite: Stainless steel contains only chromium, showing strong magnetic properties, and has strong resistance to high temperature oxidation. It is the first choice for stainless steel tableware, especially for induction cookers.
2. Austenite: Nickel is added to stainless steel, and carbon, nitrogen and manganese can also be added to achieve non-magnetic or weak magnetic properties. However, these three elements can affect the performance of stainless steel: adding carbon will reduce corrosion resistance, adding nitrogen to stainless steel will have pores, and adding manganese will reduce the strength of stainless steel.
Because the method of attracting stainless steel with magnets is convinced that some merchants use stainless steel products with low nickel content in order to reduce costs, some stainless steel products with carbon, nitrogen and manganese content, and some artificially reduce the amount of chromium. , resulting in a decline in the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. These practices are a shortcut to reduce costs.
In fact, this kind of resolution can be used to judge the authenticity of stainless steel:
1. Color: The high-quality stainless steel pot has a strong texture and is bright silver; while the inferior stainless steel pot is grayish white.
2, details: smooth, smooth, no cracks and roughness, obvious cracks or repair marks, contrast between the two appearances
3. Process: high-pressure high-pressure forging bottoming process of steel and aluminum steel,
4. Features: firm, not falling off
5. Brand: choose high-profile, national quality assurance