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Is the magnetism of the magnet itself also generated by electricity?

    However, there are many electrons outside the atom, and the magnetism they generate may cancel each other out. Therefore, the net magnetic property is generated only when the number and distribution of electrons outside the core satisfy certain conditions. Metals such as copper and aluminum should not be magnetic if they do not satisfy this condition.

    In the conductor, all the electrons move in the same direction, so the generated magnets are superimposed on each other. Therefore, in copper wires, magnetism can also be generated.

    Regarding the problem of magnet monopoles, the book also says "PAM Dirac starts from analyzing the phase uncertainty of the quantum system wave function and derives the conditions for the existence of magnetic monopoles. It can be used to explain the theory of charge quantization. Unable to explain the facts.
    The large unified theory established in the 1970s and the study of the early universe required the existence of magnetic monopoles, and the mass of the magnetic monopoles weighed 1016 gigabytes electron volts/coulomb 2 (GeV/C2). ”

    There is a requirement for magnet power generation to change the magnetic field to generate an electric field.