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Do you know what the magnet is


Magnets are materials or objects that generate a magnetic field. The components of the magnet are atoms of iron, cobalt, nickel, etc. The internal structure of the atom is relatively special and has its own magnetic moment. Magnets can generate magnetic fields, attracting ferromagnetic substances such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and other metals. But this magnetic field is invisible.

Magnets have various types: Shape magnets: square magnets, tile-shaped magnets, special-shaped magnets, cylindrical magnets, ring-shaped magnets, disk magnets, magnet magnets, magnet magnets, property magnets: samarium cobalt magnets, neodymium-iron-boron magnets ( Strong magnet), ferrite magnet, alnico magnet, iron chromium cobalt magnet, industrial magnets: magnetic components, motor magnets, rubber magnets, plastic magnets and so on.

Permanent magnets are objects made of magnetized materials that retain their magnetic properties over a long period of time. Permanent magnets are also called hard magnets, they are not easily demagnetized and magnetized, such as  iron, nickel, cobalt, some rare earth alloys, and some natural minerals. If the permanent magnet is heated above the Curie temperature or in an environment with a reversed high magnetic field, its magnetic properties would reduce or eliminate.

Soft magnets refer to magnets made of iron and other materials. Magnetism cannot be permanently maintained.

The overall strength of the magnet is measured by its magnetic moment or the total magnetic flux it produces.