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development of magnet


Ancient people learned magnetism from magnetite, which is naturally magnetized iron ore. This kind of stone can magically suck up small pieces of iron and always point in the same direction after swinging freely.

It is said that mankind has discovered natural magnets (Fe3O4) 5,000 years ago, but The earliest known surviving description of magnets and their properties was about 2500 years ago from Greece, India, and China.

But the earliest records of magnets and their performance were around 2,500 years ago from Greece, India, and China.

The one who made the first discovery and application of magnets may be the Chinese. One of the four major inventions, “Secret”, is the magnet. The Chinese put the natural magnet into a spoon on a smooth surface. Under the effect of geomagnetism, the handle of the spoon is used as the first guide in the world. instrument. Around 1100, China integrated magnet needles and azimuth disks into a magnet-guided instrument for navigation.

About 1,000 years ago, the Chinese people used magnets and iron needles to rub magnetized to make the earliest compass in the world..

Later between 1405 and 1432, The famous navigator ZhengHe started a great pioneering move in the human history with a guide meter. 1488-1521 Columbus, Gamma, and Magellan used compasses to conduct world-renowned navigational discoveries. Magnetic compass for navigation in China, Europe, the Arabian Peninsula and elsewhere