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Magnet's magnetic moment


The magnetic moment of the magnet (also called the magnetic dipole moment, usually denoted as μ) describes the physical quantity of the current-carrying coil or the magnetic properties of the microscopic particles. Magnetic moments are a physical property of magnets. Magnets generate their own magnetic fields and respond to them. The magnetic moment can be represented by a vector. The direction is from the guide pole of the magnet to the north pole. The magnitude of the magnetic moment depends on the magnetism and magnitude of the magnet.

The magnetic field strength is proportional to the magnitude of its magnetic moment at any given point. In addition, when the magnet is placed in an external magnetic field generated by a different power source, the torque it receives tends to orient the magnetic moment parallel to the magnetic field [10]. The magnitude of this torque is proportional to the magnetic moment and the external magnetic field.

A circular wire with zone A and current-carrying current I is a magnet with a magnetic moment equal to IA, I means current, and A means area vector