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Common uses of magnet


If the earth on which we live is to be regarded as a magnet, the geomagnetic north pole is a guide pole, and the geomagnetic south pole is the north pole. Since the magnetic poles of the same name are mutually exclusive and the magnetic poles of different names attract each other, the compass were created according to the phenomenon. So what  other applications do magnets have?

 Speakers: Most speakers use permanent magnets and current-carrying coils to convert electrical energy  into mechanical energy. The coil is wound on a bobbin attached to the speaker cone and carries a signal as a varying current that interacts with the field of the permanent magnet. The voice coil senses the magnetic force and, in response, moves the cone and pressurizes the adjacent air, producing a sound.

 The electric guitar: it uses a magnetic pickup to convert the vibration of the guitar string into a current, which is then amplified

Generator: It transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy by moving a conductor through a magnetic field.