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Incredible magnet application


As attractiveness between the magnet and the iron key, we incorporated a the small magnet into the switch box, which can be made into an invisible key hook. Beautiful and magical, reminds you to take the keys when leaving the lights.  

Pigments used for a period of time, will gradually become less  paint , dragged away its back cover and put a small ferromagnetic into it, after all clear colors.

Magical charging treasure, its electricity will never be used up. It has a built-in power generator that can move the magnet up and down by shaking it, allowing the coiled coil to generate current, which charges the built-in battery 

 Button hook: This is a button with a simple shape and attractive colors. No matter where you are, there is a neat desire to arrange it. If, at the same time, it also has other functions, it is a pen of God!  

Aerial pot: It consists of the "energy base" and the "little star" floating on it and spinning. The base is a charging base, while the plush bonsai is embedded in the magnet part