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Round Magnet


Round base magnets are powerful, low-profile magnets with an attachment hole in the center. All round magnets are nickel or chrome plated for durability.  

Ring magnets are made of a hard magnetic material which is not magnetic before being magnetized. Its magnetic pole position, magnetic pole pair, are depends on the magnetization method.  

Common magnetic pole position of ring magnet

1. Some have one or more pairs of magnetic poles on the outer ring of the ring;

2, some in the inner ring of the ring, one or more pairs of magnetic poles;

3, some in the ring above and below the two ring end face (a N-S)

4, some magnetic poles are in a ring end face, with one or more pairs of magnetic poles. 


Round Magnets can enhance the functionality of your craft and professional projects They can be utilized to hang items to a number of surfaces. Use these magnets to demonstrate mechanical and physical principles, such as the laws of attraction or motion in the home or in a classroom. They come in a convenient pack of 50. These small circle magnets are suitable for gluing decals and objects to. You can also use them to create components for board games and other projects.