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Storage precautions of strong magnet


1. Strong magnets should not be placed close to electronic devices. Or it will affect electronic devices and control loops, affecting the effect.

2. Strong magnets should not be stored in a humid surroundings or it will  be oxidized, resulting in performance changes such as physical characteristics  and magnetic property.

3. persons who are sensitive to strong magnet, such as rough, reddened skin by approaching a magnet, should not touch the strong magnet.

4. Strong magnets are not allowed to approach magnets of floppy disks, hard drives, badges, tapes, debit cards, television tubes, etc.

After all, Everyone realizes that strong magnets have strong magnetism, and they are particularly powerful if magnets is large in size. But the way of eliminating magnetism of a powerful magnet is very easy: The strong magnet has a temperature resistance below 80 degrees. a powerful magnet on the fire for a few minutes will lose its powerful magnetism,  if you put it next to the iron block and will just find nothing happened, no longer sucks. The reason for magnetic because of the regular arrangement of iron atoms in powerful magnets. So, be cautious about storage.