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Causes and solutions for demagnetization of NdFeB

It is widely used in our lives. As the most commercially available magnet, it is widely used in various industries. The magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets are very strong compared to the magnets we usually use, but such a strong magnet still has demagnetization. What is the reason for the magnet demagnetization? What is the corresponding? The solution?

1. Reasons for demagnetization:
  NdFeB causes demagnetization in high temperature environments, which is determined by its physical structure.

  The reason why a magnet can generate a magnetic field is because the electrons carried by the substance itself rotate around the atom in a certain direction, thereby generating a certain magnetic field force, thereby affecting related matters in the periphery.

  However, the rotation of electrons around atoms in a given direction is also limited by certain temperature conditions. Different permanent magnet materials can withstand different temperatures. In the case of too high temperature, electrons will deviate from the original orbit and cause chaos. At this time, the magnetic field of the magnetic substance itself is disturbed, and demagnetization occurs.

  The temperature of NdFeB magnets is about 200 degrees Celsius, which means that demagnetization will occur if the degree is exceeded.

2. Solution:

  Do not put the NdFeB magnet product in too high temperature, especially pay attention to its critical temperature, adjust its working environment temperature in time, and minimize the occurrence of demagnetization.

  Improve the performance of the product so that it has a more temperature-dependent structure and is not susceptible to the environment.