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How should NdFeB magnets prevent breakage when drilling?

Alloy tools are essential tools for drilling. They are usually used in instrument lathes and bench drills. It is not a special alloy tool that will cause the NdFeB bore to break.

For mesoporous NdFeB magnets with a bore of 8 mm or less, an instrument lathe is commonly used. The bench drill is a lathe necessary for some tile drilling. In addition, the fixture of the product should be made and the product fixed. The hole car is a lathe used when the inner hole is a medium-hole NdFeB magnet with a diameter of 8 mm or more.

In addition, during the processing, the high temperature generated by the magnet and the tool needs to be cooled by water or oil, otherwise the occurrence of the drilling fracture of the NdFeB magnet will occur.