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What is the principle of the magnet?

Too deep it is a scientist to study things, I learned only shallow, here is simple and we introduce the principle of the magnet for your reference!

1. Determined by the characteristics of the magnet If the atomic current is interpreted Is the magnetic field generated by the current magnetizing Another object magnetizing the object Generate the electric field The interaction of the electric field to produce force Magnet professional manufacturer - Shenzhen Yihaojie Magnet Co., Ltd. /

2. Most substances are made up of molecules. The molecules are made up of atoms. The atoms are made up of nuclei and electrons. Inside the atom, electrons spin around and spin around the nucleus. Both of these electronic movements produce magnetism. However, in most materials, the direction of electron movement is different and disorganized, and the magnetic effects cancel each other out. Therefore, most substances do not exhibit magnetic properties under normal conditions. Magnet professional manufacturer-Shenzhen billion Haojie Magnet Co., Ltd.

3. Ferromagnetic substances such as iron, cobalt, nickel or ferrite are different. The internal electron spins can be spontaneously arranged in a small range to form a spontaneous magnetization zone. This spontaneous magnetization zone is called magnetic. Domain. After the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, the internal magnetic domains are aligned neatly and aligned in the same direction so that the magnets are strengthened and the magnets are formed. The magnet's iron absorption process is the magnetization process of the iron block. The magnetized iron block and the magnet generate attractive force between different polarities. The iron block is firmly stuck to the magnet. We say magnets are magnetic.