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Magnetic separator machine principle, and application

Magnetic separator is used to remove iron powder in the reuse of powdered particles, magnetic separators are widely used in resource recovery, wood industry, mining, kiln, chemical, food and other workshops, applicable to magnetic materials with a particle size of 3mm or less Wet magnetic separation of iron ore, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, and ilmenite is also used in the iron removal of coal, non-metal ore, and building materials. It is the most widely used and widely used in the industry. One of the models.

Sorting principle

WD series electromagnetic high gradient magnetic separator is a sorting tank filled with a certain amount of magnetic stainless steel wool (or steel mesh) inside a pinned solenoid coil. After the coil is excited, the magnetic stainless steel wool is magnetized and its surface is Generate a highly inhomogeneous magnetic field, that is, a high-gradient magnetization magnetic field. When the paramagnetic material passes through the steel wool in the sorting tank, it will be subjected to a magnetic force proportional to the product of the external magnetic field and the magnetic field gradient and adsorbed on the surface of the steel wool. Instead of passing directly through the magnetic field, the non-magnetic material flows through non-magnetic valves and pipes into the non-magnetic product tank. When the weak magnetic material collected by the steel wool reaches a certain level (determined by the process requirements), the ore is stopped. The excitation power source is disconnected and the magnetic material is rinsed. The magnetic material passes through the valve and pipe of the magnetic material and flows into the magnetic product tank. Then go on for the second time. This cycle will be repeated.

Structural features

WD series electromagnetic high gradient magnetic separator complete equipment consists of magnetic separation machine (host), coil cooling system, rectifier power supply, pneumatic control system and the entire electromechanical control system consists of five parts.

The main machine includes magnets (coils, iron-clad yoke), sorting boxes with magnetic media and support structures, and flow distribution systems.

Coil cooling systems include cooling water distribution pipes, internal cooling and external cooling piping systems, and heat exchangers.

The rectifier power supply includes dry rectifier transformers and thyristor rectifier cabinets.

Air control systems include air control valves, air control cabinets and air compressors.

The control system includes manual and automatic operation control systems, overpressure, loss of pressure and overheat protection devices for cooling systems, interlocking operation of peripheral devices and fault alarms and automatic shutdown systems.

Technical features

WD series of high-gradient magnetic separation equipment brings together large-cavity-mounted high-performance physical magnet technology, new multi-spike unsweepable magnetic polymagnetic steel wool material technology, solid-liquid-liquid three-phase flow film sorting technology, high-power low-voltage high-current Rectifier technology, PLC electronic control technology and flow, temperature, pressure and other testing technologies.

Sorting magnetic field is high (up to 2.2T), the magnetic field gradient is high, and the magnetic field size can be adjusted freely as needed.

Using programmable control, the entire production process is fully automated, making it easy to change the process.