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The magical use of strong magnets in life, the following 4 points will benefit you for life!


Increase storage space

Fix the magnets on the partitions of the lockers and the lids of the bottles and cans, so that the tall, unsweetened bottles and cans can be hung in the cabinet, and some “higher” can be placed below. Make full use of the three-dimensional space inside the locker.

Let the curtain completely cover the windows

Although the natural hanging curtains are beautiful, the folded curtain fabric will always leak some light into the house. This is a painful thing for people who are accustomed to sleep in a dark environment. At this time, if a few strong magnets are fixed to the edge of the curtain, let the curtains cling to the wall. In this way, what light can never come in again.

Make a magnetic stripe

Magnetic strips are sometimes more practical than small magnets, but because magnets are brittle, they can easily be bumped during transportation. If an incomplete magnetic strip is attached to a wall, it is not beautiful. In fact, several small pieces of strong magnets are fixed behind the iron ruler and then fixed to the wall. The use of magnetic properties of metal magnetic stripe, economical and practical.

Convenient storage tools

A magnetic stripe or strong magnet is fixed on the wall, and then the tool is adsorbed on the magnet, which is not only convenient to use but also can decorate the wall. If the tool does not have metal, fix a magnet on the tool.