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How to use the humidifier, you may need this humidifier guide


Humidifier can be said to be the necessary home appliances for many families, but at present, many people do not pay much attention to the hygienic conditions of humidifiers, resulting in humidifiers becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, and the harmful bacteria that are continuously breeding in the machines are increasing. Wet air streams spread throughout the house and 

Can the humidifier stay on?

For ordinary humidifiers, it is indeed not open for a long time. If the humidifier takes too long, the air humidity assembly will reduce the resistance of the respiratory tract, and it will be more likely to breed bacteria and cause infection. However, if the Dyson Hygienic Mist dehumidifier is used, there is no such concern. The Dyson Hygienic Mist dehumidifier uses an intelligent temperature control system to automatically detect the temperature and humidity of the air in the house, keeping the environment in the house in one place. Comfortable condition.

Can humidifiers use tap water?
It is best not to add tap water, because tap water is "hard water" and contains a variety of minerals, as well as calcium and magnesium ions. Impurities in tap water may blow into the air with water mist, causing indoor pollution. It also produces white powder due to the presence of calcium and magnesium ions, which has a certain influence on human respiratory health. Therefore, pure water is recommended.
Humidifier needs to be cleaned regularly?
Humidifiers can accumulate a lot of bacteria when they are not in use. If they are not cleaned before use, bacteria can enter the room with aerosols, which can be scattered in dust or objects. When these microorganisms encounter suitable temperature and humidity, they rapidly grow and inhale in people with weak resistance, which may easily cause pneumonia or respiratory infections. Therefore, the humidifier must be cleaned before use.